Not just a photographer

a visual poet for nostalgic souls

Being a Cancer, I can't help but to be nostalgic & creative as fuck. Catch me being in my feels 24/7. I express my feels through creating visual poetry via photography, through dance, & through fashion. This heavily influences how I bring your love story to life, create art that'll pull on your heart strings, & help style your session. It's good to have a feeler capturing your feelings you know?

My Leo rising makes me silly, sarcastic, a little quirky, a whole lot of weird, & your number 1 HYPE girl. Kind of like when you're out drunk with your bestie, & she's hyping you up & giving you a photoshoot on your iphone. It'll be just like that-- you'll be having a grand ol' time and feeling fineeeee  in front of the camera. If you're wanting good vibes and a good time, I'm your girl.

Other than catching feelings, the adventurous Leo part of my soul lives for catching flights. So if you're wanting to get married in Greece, Italy, Costa Rica, or wherever-- call me, beep me... pls reach me.

My Capricorn moon adds the professional aspect & completes the full package of this photographer. Expect me to bust my ass off to ensure you'll have a good time on your wedding day, without any worries. I will have it all covered-- every moment will be captured on your special day, from the in between moments like you two sharing an inside joke, to bigger moments like your first kiss. You go live in the moment & live your best life. I'll capture it & create art out of it for your future self to reminisce on. Sound peachy?

& I hope you like zodiac signs as much as I do.

Hello, I'm Karen!


More than just your photographer.

When you are hiring me, you're receiving so much more than a stranger who shows up on your wedding day with a camera, takes photos, then leaves.

But Karen, what the heck does that mean?

It means that I'm your wedding/elopement expert. I am here to provide you with the whole experience. Aside from delivering some BOMB photos, my goal is to make this whole wedding planning process as least stressful as possible. Anyone can deliver bomb photos, there's so many talented photographers out there. But how will they make you feel?
I'm here to make sure you feel taken care of, understood, heard, valued, confident, & at ease.

This can look like me forming a friendship with you two, so I can understand your love story better & document it in a raw & authentic way. You don't know where the heck to elope? You can count on me to help you come up with ideas & find you the locations. I'm here to take care of you, and to give you an amazing experience. Like I said, I want you to feel good throughout this whole process. So allow me to take the stress off your plate.

Consider me as your personal wedding guide-- here to help you navigate through the planning process, the actual day, the day after, and through any unforeseen circumstances that may come up.

-BOBA is life. I love milk teas, it's basically my version of coffee.

-GOOD SMELLING things. Candles, essential oils, perfumes, etc. I especially love fruity, citrusy, & refreshing scents!

-JASPER. Nope, not my mans. My puppers! He's my whole heart.

-DANCING. I will never shut up about how much I love to dance. I started partner dancing in 2018 & I'm hooked. I am currently learning West Coast Swing and I'm loving it.

-TAROT/ZODIAC SIGNS/STONES. You know, all the "witchy woo woo" stuff. It's kind of fun, ya know. Helps me understand why people are the way the are.


That’s a little sneak peek of some favorite things. Would love to know if you resonate with any. If so, we are already one step closer to being a match made in heaven!

Listening to songs that make my heart hurt is a favorite pastime of mine. Chelsea Cutler, I'm looking at you.


As stated above under my philosophy, I aim to provide my couples with an epic experience, instead of just providing photos. This looks like supporting in whichever way I can to make this whole process & your wedding day stress-free.

I assist in planning by helping with curating the vision, timeline building, location scouting & research, and obtaining the proper permits if needed.

On the day of, I often sit back & allow your special day to unfold organically. I will mainly be observing and listening, so that I can be ready to capture the raw moments as they occur. Yes, I will be prompting you & interacting with you at certain times, but only when needed. This day is meant for you two to be present and to be enjoying it with your loved ones. The last thing I would want is for you to feel like your wedding day is a photoshoot.

"All things light-hearted, love, & good vibes only"

As a creative, I can't help to be strongly inspired by art.

What that looks like: playing with lights & shadows, fashion, films, film photography, poetry, neutral color palettes, architecture, textures, music, florals, vintage things, nature. 

As a human, my heart finds inspiration through connection & love-- how you two love each other, and how we connect, feelings such as nostalgia & life experiences. Working with super in love couples who also value connecting with me just lights my heart on fire.


"I want an uninvested & unenthusiastic photographer to document my wedding memories"

-No one ever

Kind Words From my Couples


"If you had any inclination to hire Karen as your photographer, I am here to tell you to go ahead and do it. On our wedding day, she made sure we were adherent to our timeline and was ready to help out with anything that was beyond her job description as a photographer. Her style and candidness in the photos were exactly what were looking for. She captured the energy of the day so wonderfully that I was still able to feel it through the photos."


"On the wedding day, she managed people well even through all the chaos that comes with a wedding. It was great to work with Karen because it didn’t feel like we were working with just a photographer. It was like hanging out with a friend who knows exactly how to hype you up and just happens to also take pictures. Karen made our simply decorated wedding look so luxurious."


"Our experience with Karen would not be the same as with anyone else. Our final draft brought my fiance to tears, and we absolutely cannot wait to use them for our wedding invitations, portraits, and many more. We highly recommend her if you want an unforgettable, memorable, and authentic photography experience!"